Reforest The Tropics

An applied research program demonstrating climate change mitigation through sustainable farm forestry

Climate models confirm the benefit of tropical reforestation


recent scientific study conducted by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory stresses the importance of choosing the appropriate geographic region for planting carbon-offset forests.  In particular, the study confirms that planting more trees in tropical rainforests could help slow global warming worldwide.

The lead author of the research project, Dr. Govindasamy Bala, stated that “this is the first comprehensive assessment of the deforestation problem . . . Our study shows that tropical forests are very beneficial to the climate because they take up carbon and increase cloudiness, which in turn helps cool the planet.”

The study lends further scientific backing to the the ongoing efforts of Reforest the Tropics, which has more than a decade of experience planting and managing carbon-offset forests in Costa Rica. 

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