Day: April 25, 2008

Curtis Packaging Corp. and RTT Featured in Hartford Courant

The Hartford Courant featured Reforest the Tropics and one of our new partners, Curtis Packaging Corp., in a recent article entitled “Firm Donates Money to Plant Trees, Offset Its Carbon Dioxide.” The full article is here.

The correspondent described the carbon offset project between Curtis Packaging and RTT as follows:

Don Droppo Jr. joined the family business about five years ago. Environmentally sensitive, he set a goal to make Curtis Packaging Corp. in Newtown, which produces high-end packaging for luxury products like perfumes, the greenest in the industry.

. . .

One of the organizations [Curtis Packaging] dealt with was Reforest the Tropics, a 10-year-old nonprofit research program based in Mystic. Curtis donated $14,000 to Reforest the Tropics to plant 5 acres of forest in Costa Rica, enough forest to remove from the atmosphere about 50 tons of carbon dioxide a year. Reforest the Tropics does not actually sell offsets, but uses donations to support research into what it hopes will become a model for offset programs in tropical forests.

Without the Curtis investment, that forest would not have been planted. Only when Curtis Packaging came up with the cash did it become economically sensible for a Costa Rican farmer to convert 5 acres of cattle pasture back to forest.

RTT is proud to partner with environmental leaders from a wide variety of industries, including Don Droppo and the team at Curtis Packaging. Stay tuned to this web site for photos and more background on RTT’s carbon offset efforts with Curtis Packaging.

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