Reforest The Tropics

An applied research program demonstrating climate change mitigation through sustainable farm forestry

Tree Thinnings of the Forest For the Farmer


Forests are thinned to allow the better trees to grow larger by moving upwards into the canopy space left when a tree close by is felled. The trees are very fast growing so thinning is an important strategy to managing a healthy forest which will capture carbon at an optimum rate. The forest is thinned every few years to promote growth for the remaining trees, and to provide an income for the farmer.

The forest species being thinned in these photos taken in July 2013 are Chancho and Klinkii.  These forests are sponsored by The Mohegan Tribal Nation and Superior Nut Company.


Chancho Thinning at Mohegan Tribal Nation Forest

Klinkii Thinning at Superior Nut Company Forest

Klinkii Thinning at Superior Nut Company Forest

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