Reforest The Tropics

An applied research program demonstrating climate change mitigation through sustainable farm forestry

Save The Earth Club

Save The Earth Club

Save The Earth Club

THE SAVE THE EARTH CLUB FROM THE REGIONAL MULTICULTURAL MAGNET SCHOOL, NEW LONDON, CT.  MAY 6, 2014.  Working with staff of Reforest The Tropics, and the teachers, Hugh Birdsall and Susan Hafler, these children have participated in developing a CO2-emissions inventory of their school.  Next, they have begun to raise funding for a 2 ½-acre forest in Costa Rica in the RTT program, capable of capturing about 20 metric tonnes of CO2 each year from the atmosphere towards balancing their school emissions.  RTT has presented and discussed information about climate change and its mitigation through the use of sponsored forests in 6 lessons during 2014.  This is an excellent example of project-based experiential learning on a topic that is becoming more important every day.  This environmental education program is part of the UN Climate Change Program managed by RTT.

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