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An applied research program demonstrating climate change mitigation through sustainable farm forestry

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Reforest the Tropics has over a decade of experience managing tropical farm forests to offset the CO2 emissions of individuals and businesses. Reforest the Tropics currently manages forests for organizations and individuals including Connecticut College, The Home Depot, The Mohegan Sun Casino, and The Superior Nut Company, among many others.

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Dr. Herster Barres
Dr. Herster Barres is Director of Research for Reforest the Tropics. Dr. Barres began researching and designing carbon sequestration forests in 1964 in Costa Rica under the auspices of the United Nations Development Program. Today, this knowledge is being put to use by a number of US emitters to sponsor sustainable forests to offset their US emissions.

You can receive policy and technical information about RTT’s reforestation model by contacting Dr. Barres using the form above.