Our Program Works!

Our model is not simply a “plant a tree” program, rather it is a scientific approach to develop a biologically and economically sustainable ecosystem that can remain as forest perpetually. By making the project financially competitive with alternative land use activities AND by designing the forest to be regenerative, the likelihood that the forest will be standing in 100 years is far more favorable than other reforestation models.

We believe in a market-based approach to address the issue of climate change.

How To Participate

Step 1: With the guidance of RTT, calculate the annual emissions of your business.

Step 2: Plan with RTT to offset all, or a portion of, your annual emissions with your donation.

Step 3: Attract new clients and increase sales by communicating your commitment towards sustainable operations.

Step 4: Enhance team morale by touring your forest in Costa Rica!

Your Donation Will:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Provide you with business opportunities by capitalizing on “green marketing” opportunities.
  • Allow you to stay ahead of the curve in terms of societal and regulatory demands for sustainability.
  • Be tax deductible.
  • Support an exciting project that can substantially contribute to the global climate change mitigation effort.
We make it easy

for businesses to reach their sustainability goals.

We do this by offering a cost-effective, secure and efficient approach to long-term carbon emissions balancing. All while making their carbon-balanced products more attractive to their customer.

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