Reforest The Tropics

An applied research program demonstrating climate change mitigation through sustainable farm forestry

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The Superior Nut Company, a nut and candy manufacturing plant located in Cambridge MA, has achieved a unique milestone in terms of environmental sustainability by reaching 100% carbon neutrality through reforestation. Superior is the first company in America to have achieved carbon neutrality entirely by planting new forests in the tropics.

Superior has partnered with Reforest The Tropics, Inc. (RTT), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Mystic, CT, to convert land that has been deforested for cattle pasture to sustainable new farm forests. The RTT program is sanctioned by the United Nations and is formally approved by the governments of the United States and Costa Rica as a carbon sequestration project. Currently, Superior sponsors 67 hectares of tropical forests in Costa Rica.

Superior Nut Company has a longstanding tradition of environmental stewardship. A chance meeting in 1994 with Dr. Herster Barres, founder and director of RTT, led to the first research forest in Costa Rica for Superior. Harry Hintlian, President of Superior, understood the potential that tropical forests had to advance his goal to take a leadership position on corporate responsibility towards the environment. Since their initial meeting, Mr. Hintlian has contributed to RTT continuously over the years by funding forest research and supporting general operations.

Superior Nut Company has received some acknowledgement from its commitment to environmental sustainability. Superior was recognized with the prestigious Environmental Merit Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and received a “Best in Class” recognition from Walmart for Innovation in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In recent years, Superior Nut Company has enjoyed record sales and has expanded its portfolio of buyers.  Superior Nut was classified as a “Social Mission Vendor” and became a preferred supplier to Ben & Jerry’s, a division of Unilever.  Superior Nut’s direct and active involvement in planting their own trees through RTT, and their commitment to social and environmental projects earned this special classification.

Mr. Hintlian recognizes that tropical forestry is the most efficient manner to extract CO2 from the atmosphere. He has followed the science close enough to understand that emission reduction efforts alone will not be sufficient to reverse the dangerous climactic trends that we are now witnessing.

Now that Superior Nut Company has achieved 100% carbon neutrality, the next step for Mr. Hintlian is to convince peer businesses to do the same through partnering with Reforest The Tropics.  Mr. Hintlian believes that collectively, through quick decision making ability and ready financial assets, business leaders have many times more ability to effect positive outcomes in the world’s environment than any other force for change. Mr. Hintlian will continue to actively demonstrate his leadership on the issue by making a push to offset 200% of Superior Nut Company’s emissions in the coming years.

Mr. Hintlian may be contacted at for more information.