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Going Green by Going Standby


Reforest the Tropics encourages our participants to reduce their carbon footprints prior to offsetting residual CO2 emissions.  Reducing your carbon footprint can be accomplished in a variety of ways—from commuting via public transit, to installing more energy efficient lighting, to adding heat-saving home insulation.  Indeed, one simple tool for reducing fossil fuel consumption is right before your very eyes: your computer.

To educate the public about computer energy efficiency, Climate Savers Smart Computing was recently founded by a consortium of companies, including Dell, Microsoft, and Google.  The organization’s web site challenges individuals and organizations to reduce their carbon emissions by enabling the “power management” capabilities of their desktops and laptops, including automatically switching them to standby mode when not in use.  According to the web site:

Using power management features on your computer can save nearly half a ton of CO2 and more than $60 a year in energy costs.

To learn more about going green by managing the energy consumption of your computer, click here.