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RTT Featured in the New London Day

The New London Day published a feature article Reforest The Tropics and its president, Dr. Herster Barres.  The Day described the history of RTT as follows:

Long before Al Gore went Hollywood, Barres, a retired United Nations forester, was focused on global warming. In 1993, he founded Reforest The Tropics, or RTT, a nonprofit organization striving to demonstrate that the carbon dioxide absorbed by new, tropical forests can offset U.S. greenhouse-gas emissions linked to climate change.

The extensive history behind RTT is one of the organization’s important attributes.  In fact, Dr. Barres began his career as a United Nations forester in Costa Rica in the mid-1960s.

The article continues, describing how interested individuals and organizations can partner with RTT to offset their CO2 emissions:

Under the program, the carbon-offsetting rights to 2½ acres of forest can be had for a one-time donation of $5,000. That covers a $1,500 grant to the farmer, $2,000 for the first four years of forest management and $1,500 that will be set aside for long-term management and insurance. Individuals can get away for less. Barres says grandparents, for example, can offset a grandchild’s carbon emissions for 25 years by sponsoring a forest for $3,000. A Colorado couple, in fact, received a sponsorship as a wedding gift.

As the article suggests, RTT is open to a wide variety of offset ideas.  We have worked successfully with individuals, schools and corporations of various sizes to meet particular emissions targets.  To learn more about our efforts, and to discuss how to get involved, contact us.