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RTT Supporters Interviewed on Nature Air Blog

Following up from our earlier post, Nature Air, the world’s first certified carbon neutral airline, further highlighted Reforest the Tropics (RTT) on its blog by describing the history of the RTT applied research program and interviewing corporate and academic participants and observers.

A carbon-offset forest sponsored by the Mohegan Tribal Nation of Connecticut and managed by RTT.  The photo was taken in September, 2007, at which time the forest was 5 years, 2 months old.

A sustainable tropical carbon-offset forest managed by RTT and sponsored by the Mohegan Tribe (owners of the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut). The photo was taken in September, 2007, at which time the forest was 5 years, 2 months old.

The authors described an interview they conducted with Professor Gordon T. Geballe of the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies regarding his impression of the RTT program.  The Nature Air blog quoted Professor Geballe, who described RTT as follows:

“[RTT is] a positive contribution to what people are doing around the world.  While it may be a small effort it is a major step in the right direction.  It also provides income for researchers and farmers in Costa Rica, which is an important part of the formula.”

The authors also interviewed Don Droppo, Jr., Senior Vice President for Curtis Packaging Corporation, an environmentally minded company specializing in the design and manufacture of superior folding cartons.  Curtis Packaging recently sponsored a carbon-offset forest with RTT, described here.  The Nature Air blog quoted Mr. Droppo about RTT and our Director, Dr. Herster Barres:

“Dr. Barres is a great dynamic gentleman with a passion for developing and executing a successful model to sequester and store US CO2 emissions in tropical farm reforestation projects through this applied research.  We partnered up with RTT last summer.  I was very impressed with his model and wanted to participate in UNEP Billion Tree Campaign.”

As RTT continues to develop and refine its applied research program for climate change mitigation through sustainable tropical farm forestry, we appreciate the continued enthusiasm and recognition from academic supporters, such as Professor Geballe, and our corporate participants, including Curtis Packaging.  We also extend our thanks to Nature Air for the publicity.

Contact RTT for more information about our ongoing research program and to learn how to sponsor your own carbon-offset forest.