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SEMI-Jody’s 4th 5th Grade New London Public Schools

Planted in June 2010, the first image is of a pasture with bushes and a sign…SEMI6-10

New London Public Schools (School Enrichment Model Initiative) forest is 2 years 6 months old. Gradually the Klinkiis under the Deglupta will expand upwards and to the sides.
We want a forest in which no sunlight reaches the forest floor, all of the solar energy captured by the trees. These are still very young trees, doing very well.



Below, this is a new species we are testing in the forest that is called the Pink Mahogany. It is shade tolerant, produces valuable wood and might be a valuable element in all of our forests
if it works well here. It is called by the name of Ocora or Guarea Spp.