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Superior Nut Company

The Carbon-Offset Forests for the Superior Nut Company of Cambridge, Mass.

The Superior Nut Company is an environmentally progressive company based in Cambridge, Mass., USA. Reforest the Tropics partnered with Superior Nut in 1998 to perform a voluntary CO2-emission inventory of Superior Nut’s operations. The information from this inventory was used to plan Superior Nut’s first carbon-offset forest in Costa Rica.

Since that time, Superior Nut has sponsored a total of five tropical carbon-offset forests to balance their global warming emissions. Each acre of their forests will balance 10 metric tons of CO2 every year for 25 years under contract with the farm.

While Superior will benefit from sequestration and long-term storage, the owner of the farms in Costa Rica will benefit from income every 5 years from selling periodic thinnings programmed in the management plan. After the 25-contract is finished, the farmer will be able to sell carbon-offset credits on the world market.

Superior Nut Company achieved its goal ahead of time and is carbon balanced. There is a balance between the carbon dioxide emissions of the factory and the forests sequestering carbon.