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Mr. Harry Hintlian

Mr. Hintlian recognizes that tropical forestry is the most efficient manner to extract CO2 from the atmosphere. He has followed the science close enough to understand that emission reduction efforts alone will not be sufficient to reverse the dangerous climactic trends that we are now witnessing.

Now that Superior Nut Company has achieved 100% carbon neutrality, Mr. Hintlian’s next step is to convince peer businesses to do the same through partnering with Reforest The Tropics.  Mr. Hintlian believes that collectively, through quick decision making ability and ready financial assets, business leaders have many times more ability to effect positive outcomes in the world’s environment than any other force for change. Mr. Hintlian will continue to actively demonstrate his leadership on the issue by making a push to offset 200% of Superior Nut Company’s emissions in the coming years.

Mr. Hintlian may be contacted at for more information.