We Are Reforest The Tropics

Reforest the Tropics works to mitigate climate change through sustainable forestry and long-term, verifiable carbon sequestration. We have developed a comprehensive and holistic forestry model to offset carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by converting deforested tropical lands to biologically and economically sustainable new farm forests. Our forests fix and sequester CO2 each year for long-term storage. Forest sponsors can claim the CO2 that is sequestered in our forests to offset the emissions generated by their business or family activities. We have over 50 years of research experience in tropical forestry plantations and partnering with local farmers.

Our Purpose

To make a tangible contribution to
global sustainability

through education and applied research
on carbon-offset farm forests in the tropics.

Our Work

RTT presently balances the CO2 emissions of over 96 participants with more than 500 acres of carbon-offset forests on 13 sites in Costa Rica. We manage forests for individuals and organizations including: Superior Nut Company, Connecticut College, Home Depot,  Mohegan Sun CasinoCurtis Packaging CompanyConnecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative, Triumvirate Environmental Corporation, and other various universities and public schools, faith based institutions, private foundations, and many different families.

Our Model

We use a mixed-species forestry model in order to promote biodiversity, create habitat, and reduce risks associated with tree loss from pests and diseases. The species have been carefully selected, based on decades of research. Some species excel at long-term carbon sequestration while others are added to provide income for local landowning partners. We periodically thin our forests in order to avoid stagnation and ensure that the forest plantations remain productive. The logs that are felled in these necessary thinnings are provided to our local partners for sale on the market. Local partners are able to earn an income from their forested land, which slightly exceeds the profit potential of cattle farming on the same land.

We promote sustainability of the program

by encouraging our partners to profit from their forest.

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We make it easy

for businesses to reach their sustainability goals.

We do this by offering a cost-effective, secure and efficient approach to long-term carbon emissions balancing. All while making their carbon-balanced products more attractive to their customer.

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We are funded entirely through private, voluntary donations.

Registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.