We have over 50 years of research experience in tropical forestry.

On November 30, 1995 the United States and Costa Rican governments approved a UNFCCC-AIJ (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – Activities Implemented Jointly) Program proposed by Dr. Barres to investigate the offset of US CO2 emissions in tropical farm forests.  By August of 1996, Reforest The Tropics was up and running full speed ahead, with Dr. Barres at the director’s wheel. Today, over 20 years later, we manage more than 500 acres of research forests on 13 farms in Costa Rica for more than 100 US emitters.

The short term goal of our applied research program is to develop profitable, sustainable forests for both farmer income and efficient, permanent carbon capture and storage of CO2 for US emitters. The loan term goal is to mitigate global warming.