Board of Directors

Mr. Harry Hintlian

Chairman of the Board

United States & Costa Rica Team


  1. Dr. Herster Barres, Director of Research
  2. Honorable David Anderson, former State Legislator for 12 years in Connecticut. Established recycling in CT. Retired.
  3. Mr. Harry Hintlian, Businessman, retired.
  4. Ms. Lauren Hintlian, Businesswoman, Co-Director & Secretary,.
  5. Ms. Jacqueline Bagwell, Information Technology Analyst.
  6. Mr. Richard Prouty, Founder, Project Adventure
  7. Dr. Daniel Alvino, Educational Psychologist,  Treasurer.
  8. Mr. Joseph Mueller, Financial Consultant.
  9. Mr. Adam Winn, Financial Firm Vice President
  10. Dr. Justin Foster, Senior Trader and Principal, Appian Way Energy Partners

USA Staff

  1. Greg Powell, Director
  2. Herster Barres, Director of Research
  3. Jackie Bagwell, Environmental Education Coordinator

Costa Rica Staff

  1. Ing. Rolando Camacho, Forester/Co-Director
  2. Victor Martinez, Forester
  3. Mr. Michael Ferrucci, lecturer at Yale School of Forestry and Forest Consultant

RTT has sponsor/research forests on 10 farms in Costa Rica, including the Center for Higher Education and Agricultural Research (CATIE), and Earth University.