Board of Directors

Mr. Harry Hintlian

Chairman of the Board

Costa Rica Team

Forester Rolando measures the tree's diameter

Ing. Rolando Camacho



  • Harry N. Hintlian, Chair; Ret. CEO, Superior Nut Co.
  • Lauren Hintlian, Co-Director; Board Member & Director of Sustainability, Superior Nut Co.
  • Richard Prouty, Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation; Former Executive Director, Project Adventure
  • Dr. Danny Alvino, Treasurer, University professor & Educational Psychologist
  • Jay Stella, VP & Chief of Staff, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
  • Jackie Bagwell, IT specialist; Environmentalist & environmental video hobbyist
  • David Anderson, Environmentalist; Ex-Connecticut state legislator sponsoring environmental legislation
  • Anthony Francis, Scientist, New England Biolabs

USA Staff

  • Greg Powell, Executive Director
  • Dr. Herster Barres, Director of Research, RTT Director Emeritus
  • Hugh Birdsall, Education Coordinator
  • Shauna Lake, Office Manager

Costa Rica Staff

  • Ing. Rolando Camacho, Forest Engineer/Co-Director
  • Ing. Victor Martinez, Forest Engineer
  • Carlos Maria Porras, Accountant

RTT has sponsor/research forests on 10 farms in Costa Rica, including the Center for Higher Education and Agricultural Research (CATIE), and Earth University.