We work with schools and teachers to help them share knowledge on the importance of mitigating climate change. Our education, awareness & engagement tools aim to get students involved with idea of carbon sequestration.

Climate Change and the Role of Tropical Forests


  • Free classes on climate change and the role of tropical forests.
  • A school forest on a farm in Costa Rica with animals, birds and trees.
  • A sign with your name on it.
  • Capture and store 20 tons of CO2 each year for your greenhouse gas account.
  • A 25-year agreement with the farmer.
  • The farmer benefits from selling some of the production from the managed forest.
  • Your forest is managed by the staff of RTT. A free CO2-emissions inventory done by your students under RTT guidance establishes a baseline for your school or classroom.  Can you become greener?
  • E-mail reports and photos for your class.
  • Watch the forest habitat grow.
  • Monkeys, Toucans, Armadillos, Parrots and more!
  • Participate in our research to develop a better forest.