We believe that climate change will be an issue that
defines the lives of the current generation of students.

In order to prepare informed and capable citizens and leaders, we deliver comprehensive climate change education to students throughout the region. The program compliments STEM-related principles consistent with the Next Generation Science Standards and relies on an experiential learning model to create a memorable and rewarding experience.

We have a developed face-to-face and online climate change curriculum in English and Spanish for middle school grades 4, 5, and 6 that is available for anyone to use!

RTT Executive Director, Greg Powell, links with U.S. middle school students from his location in a Costa Rican forest via Skype. This exciting element of the RTT education program follows a 4-part, comprehensive examination of the causes, impacts and solutions to climate change and allows students to tour RTT forests and ask questions to RTT foresters in real time. This level of engagement provides greater intimacy between the students and the subject matter and results in a more meaningful and memorable educational experience.

We work with schools and teachers to help them share knowledge on the importance of mitigating climate change. Our education, awareness & engagement tools aim to get students involved with idea of carbon sequestration. RTT has delivered a meaningful program to nearly 10,000 students across three states to help prepare them to face what will perhaps be the defining issue of their generation.

Connecticut College

Looking for a student trip that combines environmental sustainability,
education and unforgettable experiences?
Our forest's in Costa Rica have it all:
from tree planting and nature observation, to hiking
and local community engagement.

Sponsor a forest and take a trip!