A Carbon-Offset Forest Established for the Mohegan Tribe of Uncasville, CT

Mohegan Tribe Sponsors Forests

Sponsored by the Mohegan Tribe to offset CO2 emissions in Connecticut, 100 acres of special forests were planted by Reforest The Tropics in July 2002.  The Mohegan forests were established on a pasture to offset the carbon emission of two large fuel cells in the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut.  Reforest the Tropics is proud to partner with the Mohegan Tribe to help achieve their carbon-offset objectives.

The Mohegan Forest project includes a renewable 25-year contract with the farmer. The forests will be managed with light periodic thinnings for farm income and for carbon sequestration. By keeping the extractions light but frequent, we can maintain a productive forest that never needs to be completely cut and stores carbon indefinitely.


This chart shows the rate of carbon sequestration in a 4-hectare stand in the Mohegan Tribe forest.  After just 17 years, 480 MT of CO2e have have been sequestered at an average rate of 29.1 MT CO2e/year.  The dip in carbon capture at 10 years represents a thinning of Chancho trees.  Periodic thinnings provide income for the farmer and stimulate growth and carbon capture in the forest.

A 50-acre forest was established on the Las Delicias Farm of the Rojas Family for the Mohegan Tribal Nation in Connecticut.  The photo above shows an inspection by an independent forest consultant, Mike Ferrucci, contracted by RTT to verify the health and growth of the Mohegan forests. This is a UNFCCC-AIJ program. Photo taken July, 2008.

Almendro trees are visible in the centerline of the photo.  Almendro produce a nut that is favored by the endangered Great Green Macaw, which appear regularly to feed in the Mohegan forest.  The wood of this tree species is also very dense and contains more carbon than many other species.  Almendro are slow growing and need shade to develop good form. The Klinkii trees produce side shade that helps keep the branches of the Almendro trees small.